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"Parent & child" dream cooks

"Parent & Child"

Closed sections of cooking

Evolutionary cooking with a specific thematic per cycle, for the attendant and the child.

Mama's taper Dream invites you to her 'Parents and Kids on Sundays' educational event in her new classes, Sundays at 11:00 in their new Klisouras 11 space, for wonderful cooking workshops!

DreamCookers is a creative training workshop that aims to introduce and introduce participants to the proper nutrition and nutritional value through the art of cooking and imagination. Through collaboration and communication, children, teens and parents learn to cut, mix, knead, and cook, resulting in new tasty results in a healthy way. The culinary, the visual and the kinetic are "confused" with us, with the aim of knowing healthy eating and a better eating habit.


  • raw materialsmama's taper
  • children's equipment
  • utensils to use
  • balanced dietary recipes adapted to their implementation by children

We learn:

  • Cooking terminology
  • Historical and cultural approach to gastronomy
  • Proper use of utensils and articles
  • Raw material and nutritional value
  • Learning knowledge through cooking and pedagogical activities
  • Understanding skills
  • Development of cooperation and communication

In a space suitable for cooking inspirations ....

Wear your apron, your cap, and come on in!

goneas kai paidi mama's taper

More information:


Closed section for 10 children and 10 companions. (Participant attendance is optional)

1st round: February - March

2nd round: April- mid June

Each cycle has 8 to 9 meetings


Children ages: 3 years to 8 years

Cycle Cost:

70 euro parent and child

For the second child the cost is 10 euros extra

Visit Cost:

8 euro parent and child

10 euro parent and 2 children

The price includes cooking lessons and the enjoyment of creations for young and old alike. Adults will also be offered French coffee.

Reservation required and registration required on 2310 242524

Where: Klisouras 11, a pedestrian street that connects Chalkeon Street and Venizelou, Aristotelous Square.

Info: 2310.24.25.24,  or 6974602278 Hatzigiannaki Zoe - Contact mama's taper