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Mama's taper dream cookery - Workshop program

Every Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 13:00

Dream cooks

Creative cooking workshop for children, 1.5 hours long. Children make a savory and sweet. During the workshop, the children learn the nutritional value of the materials used. In the end, kids can eat their creations!

Pre-registration is required. Find out from our website about the topics we will be dealing with or from our site at facebook

Ages 3-8 years

Cost 5 euro / child.

Parents can enjoy their coffee with us or help with cooking!

Location: Klisouras 11, pedestrian street that joins Chalcedon with Venizelos, Aristotle. Click on the map here.


Examples of topics we dealt with:

νοέμβριος mama's taperxmas mama's taper 2

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