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Tag: creative employment

Mama's taper ψωμι  αλάτι

With bread & salt

With Bread and Salt with Anthi Thanou, Alexander Makris and Mama's Taper Dreaming ... in a garden it doesn't grow in an orchard no, the king tastes it and the whole world enjoys it ... and my little one I love you like salt ... and they they made their rugs ... and forty

Xmas Fairies αφισα s

Fairy Tales with Anthi Thanou & Mama's Taper Dreamcakes

Mama's taper invites you on Saturday, December 5, 2015, to her new venue Clisoura 11, for delicious fairy tales and a Christmas cooking workshop! The event starts at 11:00 am with Christmas Dreaming and at 12:00 the lovely Anthi Thanou will travel with children and adults with her fairy tales! In particular, the


COME FOR US… .From our homepage

Maria Kouzoufi writes on typosthes web page… Thessaloniki: Creative workshop for kids ... "chef" in the city center! A creative, educational and ... delicious, child-friendly job offers the Mama's Taper restaurant on its weekends in October at its new location, on the Klisoura pedestrian street, in the center of Thessaloniki.