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Mama's taper ψωμι  αλάτι

With bread & salt

With Bread and Salt with Anthi Thanou, Alexander Makris and Mama's Taper Dreaming ... in a garden it doesn't grow in an orchard no, the king tastes it and the whole world enjoys it ... and my little one I love you like salt ... and they they made their rugs ... and forty

Xmas Fairies αφισα s

Fairy Tales with Anthi Thanou & Mama's Taper Dreamcakes

Mama's taper invites you on Saturday, December 5, 2015, to her new venue Clisoura 11, for delicious fairy tales and a Christmas cooking workshop! The event starts at 11:00 am with Christmas Dreaming and at 12:00 the lovely Anthi Thanou will travel with children and adults with her fairy tales! In particular, the