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Tag: mama's taper dreamcakes

γονέας κ παιδί

"Parent & child" dream cooks

"Parent & Child" Closed cooking classes Evolutionary cooking with a specific thematic per cycle, for the attendant and the child. Mama's taper Dream invites you to her 'Parents and Kids on Sundays' educational event in her new classes, Sundays at 11:00 in their new Klisouras 11 space, for wonderful cooking workshops!

Mama's taper ψωμι  αλάτι

With bread & salt

With Bread and Salt with Anthi Thanou, Alexander Makris and Mama's Taper Dreaming ... in a garden it doesn't grow in an orchard no, the king tastes it and the whole world enjoys it ... and my little one I love you like salt ... and they they made their rugs ... and forty

mama's taper trelofatsoula anoixto tost

Mama's taper dream cookery - Workshop program

Every Saturday and Sunday 11:00 to 13:00 Dreamcarts A creative cooking workshop for children, 1.5 hours long. Children make a savory and sweet. During the workshop the children learn the nutritional value of the materials used. In the end, kids can eat their creations! Required