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Tag: food festival

laxanontolmades laderoi mama's taper

Vegetables with mushrooms and cumin, guest star at 5o TFF!

The mama's taper from November 27 to December 4 participates in the Foof Festival with the delicious and delicious Mushroom Lettuce. Invites you to try them out and vote for us on the Municipality's website at the link below! We open up your appetite by telling you they are handmade, they have mushrooms instead

mama's taper food festival

Participation in Thessaloniki 5th Food Festival!

Mama's taper this year is participating in the Food Festival 2015 activities of the Municipality of Thessaloniki! Specifically: For the little ones: “Kids in the Kitchen” On Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th December at the 66th and 67th Primary School of the 2nd Municipal Community of Thessaloniki, our little friends will be transformed into chefs